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Number of Entertainment

In India Satta and Matka are related to betting games. The Satta and Matka are now illegal in India by the order of a court of law, but still these are really a large business in the Indian market. Maximum number of people in India who love gambling they are betting mostly through with the local bookies. But recently the trend has changed and a large number of gambling lover of India prefers to play gambling games on the internet. They are more interested to play betting on different types of sports and among them, most attractive is cricket betting. So satta number matka number becomes less popular in India than cricket betting. Now-a-days online lotteries are very popular in the Indian gambling lover community because the jackpot amount is really the biggest. But still satta and matka number is ruling Indian gambling market and satta matka guessing number today still there in its position. If you want to get some information about the betting of satta and matka then you may visit an online web site; forum is there to help you.

Satta Number Matka Number—

Playing matka betting game is very simple; basically this game is to some extent similar with lottery system. This game was invented by Ratan Khatri in 70s and this game was very popular up to the 90s. At present the game has lost its past glory but still the satta number and matka number go on. Satta and Matka betting games are mostly are playing in India and Pakistan.

satta numbers matka numbers

Picking Satta Number Matka Number—

In satta betting game you should pick 3 consecutive numbers from 0 to 9. For example, you would pick 6, 7, 8 these three consecutive numbers in a random process. Then these three numbers are added and you get a number in the first round. If you added your picking number then you will get 6+7+8=21 and you can use only the last digit of that number and in this case you will get 1. So, the fist lucky number for your betting is 6, 7, 8, *1.
You can go for the second drawn. The same process is followed in the second time also. So, you should choose three numbers in random process and added those numbers. Then you will get a final number for you betting. Suppose in the second term you pick three numbers like 3, 8, and 9. Then adds these numbers like 3+8+9=20. And this time the last digit is 0. So, the second term your betting number is 3, 8, 9, *0.

Then your final betting number is 6, 7, 8 *1 X 3, 8, 9 *0.

Satta and Matka betting game’s result basically declared at 9 PM or 12 PM at night and the name of the winners are declared and in this way the payout of this betting system is occurring. Satta and Matka betting games are purely an Indian form of betting system. The biggest turning point for satta number matka number, when these betting systems are introduced on online and it is favorable in terms of the participants and for the bookies.

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