Satta Matka Tips To Play and Win in Satta Matka Game

Betting is the more popular game in India. Betting name was replaced with ‘satta’ hindi word. Number of people use to play daily satta matka games. Its popularity spread across the country and in few other countries too. Satta is not an illegal game in India, but with the help of local bookies who are tie up with international bookies and organizers they are going to run locally. Most of the jackpot games and lottery games are now available in online, so bookies are going to monitor from local base ground only. Any user who wishes play satta they need to consult bookie and have to start playing. This process all can do through call or by using internet. Simply by sitting at home anyone can play this game. Compare with other countries lottery games, Indian lottery is little bit less amount as prize money. Other countries are making prize money in million billion USDs.

Satta Matka Tips

Satta Matka Tips

Tips to follow while playing matka

Matka is like a lottery game. This is not that much popular in now a day. But people still playing this game. The game scenario depends on selection of numbers and based on selected numbers and the calculated number as well as announced number if these 3 are matches then you will be eligible to win prize money. Even though there are several simple games are exist like this matka in India.

The winning process of satta matka

Most of this gambling is depends on luck. Even though depends on the players and the game mode the prize money ratios vary. The variation is between 9/1 to 999/1. Increment of ration is proportionate to investing amount and winning amount. If the ration is like 1:5, then you need to invest 1 percent and if you will you will get 5 times the money which invested by you. At the same time the ratio of amount also increases.


Anyone who wants to play the game, first they need to focus on game mode and type of game selection. Based on this you need to start the game by consulting a local bookie. Bookie is going to charge 5% on investing amount. Whether you loss or gain he is going to bag 5% of your money. The ratio of percentage vary depends on the mode of the game and ratio of the prize money. so check out the best value return game mode before spending money. These tips will help you to play most famous Kalyan popular in Mumbai metro region. In this field of game, there is a scope to win big amount of money. But the true fact is the game purely risk based. No one can give assurance to the money whatever you invest.

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