Satta Matka Number & Mesmerize Power of Gambling

In the arena of gambling world Satta Matka is a common name in the Indian gambling market. In India plays the game of Satta not a new thing for Indian society and the public, which has been coming from the time of pre- independence. At present day Satta Matka is currently illegal in India, but still we can feel its strong presence in Indian society. Satta Matka number is a common thing in Indian society now a days and maximum matures and aware people know these things very well. Satta and Matka were introduced by Kalyan Bhagat and Ratan Khatri respectively in the year of 1960s. They started it as an offline betting game and gradually it gained its popularity. After 1990 by the intervened of government this gambling system stopped for a long time. But time has changed when online betting games have been started and new era of gambling open for the Indian people.

Game of Satta Matka number

Satta and Matka are a numbers game and it is to some extent similar to the structure of lottery system. This system of gambling is popular in India and Pakistan only. In this system the player or participant chooses 3 numbers within 0-9 at a random process. Suppose, a player picks 6, 7, and 8 at a random system, and after that the numbers are added up like 6+7+8=21 and it is a special number for the participant. In this case the special number is the last digit and that is 1. So, the first draw number is 6, 7, 8 and *1. And after that the participant draws three numbers second time as usual the same process. Suppose, in the second term the participant picks 3, 4 and 5. Then the second set of number will be calculated in the same process. So, the second slot number will be 3, 4, 5 and *2. So, the final number will be 6 7 8 *1 X 3 4 5 *2. Satta Matka today result is announced 9 PM and 12 PM at night and that particular time the name of the winners is announced. So, in this way Satta Matka number plays its own style and grace.


The betting agent of this system of gambling may take 5% of your earning if you win the game. This game is totally depending on luck so in this case agent or bettor has no advantage. Satta and Matka number some time show its charisma. If huge betting is being placed on a particular number or number combination and supposedly those numbers are picked then as usual the bookie will invisibly because he will be helpless to pay out the amount.

Now a new generation of Indian is like to play betting or gambling online than offline and in this matter is one of the reliable sources to get information about this matter. If you are feeling an urge to know about this then feel free to go online and open a new window of betting. So, satta matka number may open your luck any time with the help of number game.

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