SATTA MATKA   lotery  has  diclaired on monday (65) and tuesday, (04)   Of Kalyan duble figer  numbre  , so players  actually could not recognize  to this number and game  thare fore maney playres loss much money besides of odisa and andhara satae players becouse of all andhar pradesh and odisa state of  players of India they own  to this lateri number it is fact beacouse  all Satta Matka loteri colection Delor and agency given to this information  to satta matka companey.Satta matka world femuse lateri game ,by the playing of satta matka game and sattamatka loteri number maney people of life style has changed .So evry people gradually followig to this satta matka  loteri game. Some contry of the world  also playing this Sattamatka,like  Soudiarbiya ,Srilanka,Pakisthan ,Bangaladesh, India, etc. Satta matka ,is the such tipe of loteri and game that  who onece played  than he can not  for get forevre in their life  beacouse  lot of money is their .

satta matka lotery


KALYAN MATKA is the one tipe of loteri of Sattamatka companey. This game is day game ,there is  last  time of money
receve time 3.30 pm  and  loteri result  diclaire time is 4.20 pm , So
pliyear are deposite with  thire money  and loteri number befor  3.30 pm. Thouse who have in the day they are playing to this Kalyan matka loteri game.Thereis also world people plying veri comfotebly. site
Providing dally tipes of satta matka.
And updating dally Kalyan number ,loteri tips etc. From two years new satta matka website good and chancesess tipe of tipes which satta people looking and visiting to this website.


Main Mumbai matka is the one of the loteri geme name of satta matka .This game is played in the night .9.30 pm is the last time of loteri result.Satta pliyers are   deposite  their money with number to have Satta matka  agency before 9.00 pm, Becouse 9 o’clock  is last time of money deposite time of this game.
This game also very famus in the world .
People also geting much money  pling with this game.New satta matka website pudate tips of this game with ferfact guessing. 01.06.2018  free single open 2  had updated in new satta matka site .players got lot of money through this webesite.

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