Latest Information on the Satta Matka

The Satta Matka is a sort of betting game which was started in 1962 by Kalyanji Bhagat. This game of gambling was initially started for entertaining the workers of the Cotton Company in Mumbai. But it became extremely popular among the people in a very less period of time. Later in 1964, the game became a public one when some rules of the game were changed by Ratan Khatri. Today, this betting game has not only become popular in India but the same is status in Pakistan. Further this game is now being spread across the western countries and is becoming extremely popular.

Satta Matka

This particular game of gambling is not legalized in India and many other countries but this is still extremely popular among the billions of people all across the globe. Initially the traditional method was followed while playing this game where the local bookies from different shops arranged the game. But today with the advancement of technology and with the popularity of internet, the game is becoming extremely popular throughout the world. With the help of internet, the participants can play this game online which in turn help the players to achieve great heights. Today, even people from every corner of the world can participate in the gambling game no matter where the satta is being organized. The place from where the game gets organized is either Mumbai or some other place.

This game of gambling and betting is not only restricted to gambling with the figures but has also crept into different sports. This game is very popular and prevalent in the sport of cricket in India. In the big tournaments of cricket, huge sums of money are used. The renowned World Cup series and the IPL matches have also a great connection with this gambling world. This game of gambling and betting was initially started for the entertainment of the people from the working class, but with the passage of time this game attained so much popularity that it turned into an industry of billion dollars. Today, most of the people playing and participating in this game are earning huge amounts of money by simply playing the betting game. It is even known that the satta king or the owner of this huge industry was killed by his own wife and son so that they can take over the whole business of gambling.

The worli matka was introduced by another prominent figure of the New Satta Matka, named Ratan Khatri who had changed some of the rules of the industry. In the present time, the main centers from where the games are conducted are mainly Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Mumbai and Delhi.  The participants and the players of the betting game are people from the different classes but the bookies mainly target the players from the middle class. The bookies lure the people of the middle class by advertising the chance of making huge profits by investing only a small amount of money. A great risk factor is always involved in the game if one gets addicted to it.

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