Different Ways of Playing the Satta Matka

About the Satta Matka

The early 70s was the period when the game of lottery named satta matka was started in the New York Cotton Exchange. This game was based on the betting which was done on the opening and closing rates of cotton that were transmitted from the New York cotton Exchange. This game got transmitted to Bombay Cotton Exchange via the teleprinters. The game became quite popular among the mill workers and the bookies started opening their shops and stalls in and around the areas of the Bombay cotton mills. Kalyanji Bhagat introduced this game in Bombay as he became a pioneer in the game while he accepted the bets on the closing and opening rates of cotton in the New York cotton exchange while staying in Bombay. The next name that needs to be mentioned is that of Ratan Khatri as he was also a pioneer in the game and he introduced some new ways of playing the new satta matka. He introduced the game of betting on the opening and the closing rates of the different imaginary products in the market.

Different Ways of Playing the Satta Matka

The Different Games of The New Satta Matka

The new satta matka originally was a game of lottery where a large earthen pot was taken and slips of number were put inside it. Then the slips of paper were taken out randomly from the large earthen pot and the numbers were generated to declare and announce the name of the winner. Later, this game of lottery got divided to the different branches like those of playing cards and many other forms of lottery. The satta matka guessing is also a part of the game of lottery where one has to guess the numerical number for winning the luck changing game.

Places to Play the Satta Matka

Initially the game was conducted by the bookies and the winners were announced by the same when the game was played by the cotton mill players of Bombay. With the passage of time, the game started spreading not only in India but also throughout the world. In many countries of the world, the game of gambling is banned, but still the game is played by many throughout the world even in the countries where it has been declared to be illegal. People in such countries play the game taking their own risk. The game of the new satta matka along with its branches is now played through the online websites which both conduct the games and declare the authentic and genuine results. One can also get the playing tips from the satta matka guessing forums where one can also get in touch with the experienced players who can guide the new players in the correct ways of playing the game. They can also teach the new players the tricks that can be used to win the game of the new satta matka. The websites who conduct the game has to follow certain rules and regulations which are to be accepted for conducting the games.

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