All about Kalyan Matka

An Introduction to Satta Matka

The satta matka is originally a game of lottery which had its origin in the New York cotton exchange on the opening and the closing rates of cotton which were transmitted from the New York Cotton exchange. Although the name of the game was taken from the ancient game of lottery in India where slips were pulled out from a large earthen pot or matka through which the numbers were generated at a random manner and the winner of the game was declared henceforth. This game got transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton exchange through the teleprinters.

About the Kalyan Matka

Kalyan Matka

The new satta matka has different games of lottery which are played through its name. The name of the game of Kalyan Matka is derived from the name of Kalyanji Bhagat who was the first to introduce the Satta Matka game in Bombay among the mill workers of the Bombay Cotton Exchange. In 1941, he arrived in Bombay as a migrant and initially was a spice seller and then he also started managing a grocery store. He was in Worli, while he ran the grocery shop and it was at this time that he started pioneering in the game of gambling of the satta matka by betting on the opening and the closing cotton rates which were traded on the wholesale market of New York. The Worli matka was introduced in 1962 by Kalyanji Bhagat. The kalyan matka tips were formerly announced through the bookies to the people who were interested in playing the games. These bookies started their shops and stalls around the areas of the cotton mills in Bombay as they were mainly thronged by the mill workers. Central Bombay became the hub of the business of matka and with the passage of time; the game began to spread all throughout the country.

Satta Matka, Now an International Game

Today, the new satta matka is not only played in the different states of India but is also played by the people throughout the globe. The results of the satta matka are now published by the websites through the online modes and they are published just at the time when the results get declared. The results that are published on the websites are 100% genuine and they are also authentic. The kalyan matka tips are now found on the websites which conduct the games and publish the results of the different games of lottery under satta matka. Primarily, the registration is to be completed by depositing a certain amount of money which is kept as a security deposit to the ones who are conducting the game. The money is safe with them and one will not have to worry about the money which is being deposited. The websites also have guessing forums along with the other forums for the players where one can learn the ways of playing the lottery games of the new satta matka from the experienced players.

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